Smooth-Sec 64bit edition is out

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Today I’m pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Smooth-Sec 64bit edition. This new version brings substantial improvements in term of high performances with the adoption of 64bit Debian gnu-Linux operating system.

Smooth-Sec 64bit edition features:

Operating system: Debian 6.0 squeeze 64-bit
IDS: Suricata 1.3 stable
WEB Console: Snorby 2.5.1
Database: MariaDB 5.5.25
Log interpreter: Barnyard2 2.1.10-beta2
Web framework: nginx/0.8.54 – passenger-3.0.4

ISO Download:

I hope you enjoy it


  1. No 32 bit version? Why would one need a 64 bit OS?

    • A 32bit version will follow in the next days. Please allow me some time, I’m on a business trip, I’m relocating to a new country and I need a bit of holiday. A 64 bit OS is required if you want to scale up the application and if you deal with huge data flow and big datasets.


  2. hellow friend

    I installed the current version 2.0, but not in web mode authenticates snorby, I wrote the password and user password snorby … but not authenticating error logs ..

  3. look forward to the 32bit version

  4. Thanks for the work. I got an IDS up and running in about 10 minutes :-) Suricata is impressive. About 1 TB inbound a day and the load is under 0.10.

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