How to install Nmap 6 on Ubuntu 12.04

Fyodor and the Nmap crew today have released the version 6 of the famous Network Mapper. This major release brings 600 significant improvements (see, the top 6 are:

Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) – 352 scripts!

Better Web Scanning

Full IPv6 Support

New Nping Tool

Better Zenmap GUI & results viewer

Faster scans

To install the latest Nmap on Ubuntu 12.04 please follow this steps, please note that I’m using Checkinstall to build the .deb package. Using CheckInstall will give an easy way to install or remove the  files from the file system.


apt-get install build-essential checkinstall


bzip2 -cd nmap-6.00.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

cd nmap-6.00




dpkg -i nmap_6.00-1_i386.deb

To try nmap.

nmap -A


17 thoughts on “How to install Nmap 6 on Ubuntu 12.04

  1. klockren

    Hmm isn’t this a bit complicated ” bzip2 -cd nmap-6.00.tar.bz2 | tar xvf – ”
    Why not ” tar xvjf nmap-6.00.tar.bz2 ” instead?

  2. klockren

    denpanosekai, if you run ” make install ” instead of ” dpkg -i “, mnap won’t be handled by the package manager. Then ubuntu doesn’t know which version that is installed (for upgrades).

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  4. titantux

    Hi great tip, I would like to improve yours:

    Instead of use line you state as:

    bzip2 -cd nmap-6.00.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

    tar on Linux has an improvement since long time ago… use “-j” option for bzip2 files:

    tar -jxvf nmap-6.00.tar.bz2

    All you did just one shot!! :D

    Nice day to all,

  5. ThePaulAnaya

    I followed these instructions, the install appeared to go smoothly, however, when I run the command nmap -T4 -A -v I get the following errors:
    Starting Nmap 6.25 ( ) at 2013-01-21 15:28 PST
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/http-favicon.nse’.
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/ipv6-node-info.nse’.
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/iscsi-info.nse’.
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/mongodb-databases.nse’.
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/mongodb-info.nse’.
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/sip-methods.nse’.
    NSE: Failed to load ‘/usr/local/bin/../share/nmap/scripts/ssh-hostkey.nse’.
    NSE: Loaded 99 scripts for scanning.

    NMap does the scan though, any ideas why I am getting these “Failed to load” errors? Thank you!

  6. Ron

    I get an error on checkinstall:

    make: *** No rule to make target `liblua/liblua.a’, needed by `nmap’. Stop.

    **** Installation failed. Aborting package creation.

    Cleaning up…OK


  7. A C

    I ran bzip2 -cd nmap-6.00.tar.bz2 without | tar xvf – and the script has been running for over 5 minutes now. Is this correct? … It seem like there is an error.

  8. Mick Russom

    To fix this:
    /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation

    Substitute this for make

    make “LUA_LIBS=../liblua/liblua.a -ldl -lm”


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