Orweb: browse anonymously the web from your Android device using the onion routing network

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Early today Orweb v2 (0.2.1) was released, this new version now supports Android 2.x and 3.x, so i’ve decided to give it a try. Orweb is a privacy enhanced android web browser that run in conjunction with Orbot,the Tor on Android app. This privacy aware web browser doesn’t require any further configuration, it just run out of the box. Orweb in combination with Orbot will prevent others from eavesdrop your web browsing and circumventing web filters and firewalls, while also improving¬† users ability to remain anonymous online, hiding your physical location using the onion routing network. Orweb have some additional security features, blocking the cookies, not storing a local history and the possibility to change the browser user agent. Thanks to the guardianproject team for this amazing software.

1) Software installation.
Go to the Orbot market page and install it, do the same with Orweb.

2) Running the software.

once installed both applications, you need to start first Orbot until you see the message “successfully connected to the Tor network”

Then you can start Orweb

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  1. Google keeps blocking me from searching with orweb…it will let me surf a little then it says it notices unusual computer traffic and wants me to type a security code that is not shown…I can search unimpeded thru aol…what’s up with google

  2. Hi dear just wana ask how to anable flash player in OrWeb ?? … Kind Regards

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