Boost your wifi signal with tomato firmware

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Disclaimer: changing the “Transmit Power” can overheat the  router with a significantly shortly lifespan. I recommend not going over 100mW even with a fan installed. I don’t take responsibility on any damage which you make on your WIFI router .

In most of the cases the average Wi-Fi signal it’s enough to cover our daily needs. But Sometimes our Wi-Fi router may not be reaching our operational range, for example a terrace or a basement. A weak Wi-Fi signal can cause poor Wi-Fi performance and frequent signal lost. If you have a Linksys WRT54 Wi-Fi router with Tomato firmware installed, you can try to increase the wireless signal strength. Nothing special is required, except one small pc fan to prevent the router from overheating and a high gain Wi-Fi antenna to boost the signal.

What you need.

– A Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS  router
– 80mm PC Fan
– 2.4GHz 15DBi omni-directional antenna for Linksys WRT
– Tomato firmware
– Wifi analyzer android

Before the Hack:

“Transmit Power” set at 42 (Default value)
Without high gain Wi-Fi antenna
-95dBm wifi strength checked with Wifi analyzer

Signal strength before the hack, -62dBm

Hack it!

Pc fan and high gain Wi-Fi antenna.

1) Connect the fan on the linksys-wrt54 Wi-Fi router:

Please follow this how to:

2) Add the High Gain 2.4GHz 15DBi omni-directional antenna for Linksys WRT

3) Start the Wi-Fi router and go to the Tomato router, in the left sidebar click on Advanced  and then Wireless, , on “Transmit Power” change the default value to 100, Tomato supports till 251mW, but I recommend to stay around 100mW if you don’t want to overheat and damage the Wi-Fi router.
Click the “Save” button.

4) Start again your favorite Wifi analyzer and measure the wifi strength.

Signal strength after the hack.


  1. Wow, nice colorful fan you had there. hahaha but woudn’t it be distracting at night?

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