Boost your wifi signal with tomato firmware

Disclaimer: changing the “Transmit Power” can overheat the  router with a significantly shortly lifespan. I recommend not going over 100mW even with a fan installed. I don’t take responsibility on any damage which you make on your WIFI router .

In most of the cases the average Wi-Fi signal it’s enough to cover our daily needs. But Sometimes our Wi-Fi router may not be reaching our operational range, for example a terrace or a basement. A weak Wi-Fi signal can cause poor Wi-Fi performance and frequent signal lost. If you have a Linksys WRT54 Wi-Fi router with Tomato firmware installed, you can try to increase the wireless signal strength. Nothing special is required, except one small pc fan to prevent the router from overheating and a high gain Wi-Fi antenna to boost the signal.

What you need.

- A Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS  router
- 80mm PC Fan
- 2.4GHz 15DBi omni-directional antenna for Linksys WRT
- Tomato firmware
- Wifi analyzer android

Before the Hack:

“Transmit Power” set at 42 (Default value)
Without high gain Wi-Fi antenna
-95dBm wifi strength checked with Wifi analyzer

Signal strength before the hack, -62dBm

Hack it!

Pc fan and high gain Wi-Fi antenna.

1) Connect the fan on the linksys-wrt54 Wi-Fi router:

Please follow this how to:

2) Add the High Gain 2.4GHz 15DBi omni-directional antenna for Linksys WRT

3) Start the Wi-Fi router and go to the Tomato router, in the left sidebar click on Advanced  and then Wireless, , on “Transmit Power” change the default value to 100, Tomato supports till 251mW, but I recommend to stay around 100mW if you don’t want to overheat and damage the Wi-Fi router.
Click the “Save” button.

4) Start again your favorite Wifi analyzer and measure the wifi strength.

Signal strength after the hack.

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